Bended Square Visual Optical Illusion

I thought why not show you a few visual optical illusions of the same kind. So for you to understand them better or to manage to put them in the same category, in the following days you will be able to see illusions of the same kind.

Weird Square Optical Illusion

What to see?

The image is actually quite funny because at first you can see only a bended square, covered in all kind of stripes. For the illusion to work properly you have to wait until the picture has all its elements “exposed”.

If you look at the picture when it has all its components you’ll notice that there are a bunch of diagonal lines and a slightly distorted square in the middle.

Now if you will wait a few seconds the image will change. In this picture there is only one plain square, the same as in the first picture. It doesn’t look quite the same does it?

How does it work?

The distortion is produced by the lines on the background that simulates a perspective design and creates an impression of depth. Depending on the way the diagonals are pointing, the squares edges bend in the opposite directions.

What can I say… in a way this kind of visual optical illusion is quite frustrating because you know the truth and as much as you try to stare at it so you can see the normal square you can’t see anything else but a bunch of curved edges.

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