Another Emma Hack Illusion

As you already know we presented you a Emma Hack Illusion, and today we said that it is about time to give you a more naughty one – but don’t worry, as it’s a great optical illusion nevertheless. Truth be told, that it is funny to see how this lady applies all the body painting on herself, and not on a skin tight costume. But, then again, you can have lots of surprises from artists – though we have to say that we didn’t expect that!

What to see?

In this illusion, unlike the other one presented, you can clearly distinguish Emma blending in the picture, because, well, perhaps we could say that the paint wasn’t white enough – or perhaps it was something deliberately made.  What is sure is that you can clearly distinguish her nipples in this photo – which makes it kind-of strange, so, if you’re underage, then you’d better skip this visual optical illusion!

How it works?

It’s quite easy, as previously said. You simply take some buckets of body paint, then you wait for a couple of hours until someone paints you so that you’re the same with the background you’re going to take the picture on.  Needless to say, it takes a lot of work, but it’s well worth it in an end, or at least this in our humble opinion.

In other words, our eyes are always tricked by images that are camouflaged, isn’t it? And we tend to miss them – which is the basis of some great visual optical illusions, like the ones that Emma Hack creates. Check her art online, and you’re going to find plenty of very juicy, nasty and artsy optical illusions.

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