Ames Room Video Visual Optical Illusion

Okay, we need to admit that Ames has created some really amazing visual optical illusions and we’re proud to present to you today Ames’ Room!  Furthermore, we have the video for it (well, a video for it, as there are dozens of interpretations)!

What to see?

Let’s think…you should watch the video and be amazed at how a giant and a tiny man can be together in the same room. Truth be told, this is the illusion that can make any man big, and any man small – think a bit about the concept behind it, and you’ll find it quite funny. But, back to the illusion!

So, what happens? There are two guys in a room, one bigger than the other, but when they exchange places, they also exchange sizes?  Seems amazing but it is true! And trust us; you’re not the only ones wondering how it is done.

Now, in case you watched just till the end, you’re going to get a glimpse on how this visual optical illusion works. But, just in case you haven’t, let us tell you all the tricks to it.

How it works?

Okay, we’re going to get really technical to explain this visual optical illusion. Now, the idea is that it might look like a regular room, but Ames Room is actually trapezoidal, having its walls slanted, while the floor and ceiling are inclined at an angle, and plus, the right corner is much closer to the viewer than the left one.  All in all, it makes a great visual optical illusion that you can watch over and over again and still be surprised even if you really know how it works!

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