Amazon’s Heart Visual Optical Illusion

We have hear a real life visual optical illusion, that’s simply going to take your breath away and make you believe that there’s love everywhere, and that love is the answer. Or not!  No matter if you’re skeptical or if you agree with us, one thing is for sure. This image of the Amazonian rain forest is simply amazing!

Heart in Amazon Forest Optical Illusion

What to see?

As the picture clearly shows, there’s a small natural lake in the middle of the Amazonian forest that’s shaped just like a heart. There’s really nothing more to see in this visual optical illusion.

However, what makes it spectacular is the fact that you can find such displays of natural beauty only in the most remote locations. Furthermore, from a purely philosophical point of view, we could say that the picture is a great metaphor for the “heart of the earth” underlying the fact that water is our life source, our heart, and that all that’s true and good grows around it, as it’s depicted by the countless tall trees surround the natural lake that the picture shows.

How it works?

If you’re a believer, you could say that this is the work of a higher power. However, from a purely scientifically point of view,  we can without any doubt say that there’s no explanation why that lake is formed the way it does. Furthermore, we can add that it could be really old and countless people could have stopped by its side without realizing the uniqueness of its shape, as you can only see this from up in  the air, which puts it, in the top of our favorite visual illusions!

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  1. What also makes it spectacular, IMO, is the reflected image of the clouds, which can create the impression that we’re looking upwards towards the sky from between a few trees. 😉

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