Alex Grey Visual Optical Illusion

It’s been quite some time since we didn’t present you with any works of art from contemporary artists. So, today we have one of Alex Grey’s creations. Does anybody know what this picture’s name is? We didn’t really find out (well, we didn’t actually took the time) because we were just happy to find such a wonderful work of art and we wanted to share it with you.

Multiple Faces Poster Illusion

What to see?

Manage to go pass the beautiful color scheme used by Alex Grey, and check out the faces. How many do you see? Three? Look again! Five? Look closer! Seven? You’re on the spot! Truth be told,  it’s easy to miss some of the faces in this work of art because you’re overtaken by the multitude of colors, and you can miss one or two.

How it works?

Well, it’s hard to say how it doesn’t work! You could say that it’s a color trick, which clearly is. You could say that there are hidden objects – and there are; you could say that…well, lots and lots more. The idea  is simple! We tend to focus on the center of the image when we look at things. Then we start noticing the things around it. That’s the way our brains work. Now, if the things around the image aren’t images that we normally process, our brain has a hard time distinguishing them and our perception fills in the voids. Since we have here faces, our brain automatically creates the illusion of only one face when we first look at this visual optical illusion. When we look closer, we can see that there are actually seven faces (or at least that’s how much we counted – let us know if you count more).


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