This is Weird Optics, the place where you can find the best visual optical illusions.
Updated daily! One new optical illusion per day.

Weird Optics has the sole purpose of bringing you a wonderful optical illusion each day, so that every day you’re going to have a great start and a lot more fun while being amazed by the things that humans do or occur naturally in real life.
More than just illusions! Each visual illusion comes with an explanation!

We know that some of the optical illusions we have here are real mind twisters, so, we made sure that each illusion that’s posted on this site is explained. We don’t make our explanations too scientific though, because the main idea of the site is to be amazed, have fun, relax, and learn how the brain works and how easily it can be tricked.

There are many visual illusions on Weird Optics, some that show you a paradox like the famous “Spinning Dancer” illusion – which literally makes your mind spin, and some that show you hidden images like the “Buddha” illusion. Some would require complex explanations, while others are plain to see and understand. We don’t go overboard but at the same time, we don’t let you wondering, so that each time you go off this site you’ll know how a particular visual illusion works!

Illusions from the world’s oldest optical illusion to today’s most recent visual optical illusions!

We really don’t discriminate here, and you can be sure that you’ll find really old illusions that were created centuries ago, and even computer generated visual optical illusions. We can’t really say which ones are the best, but we do have a deeper appreciation for older illusions because those didn’t simply required ingenuity, also required lots of hard work and a view on the world that was sometimes blamed (talking about your witch hunt…)!

So, you can be sure to find on Weird Optics classical illusions alongside recent illusions, because we’re all about what’s amazing and appealing to the eye – age has no difference here!
Optical Illusions neatly stacked into categories.

The visual optical illusions are each arranged in categories, making easy for you to find and view the types of illusions that you like best. However, keep in mind that it’s one illusion per day! But, don’t worry, if you would like to see more optical illusions of one type, just contact us, and we’ll make sure to make a note and find more and update the category. Truth be told, there are tons of wonderful illusions out there, and sometimes it’s hard to decide which visual optical illusion to post on this site, and which not to post.

You can find the categories on the left side pane. So, for example if you’d want to see a real life illusion like the beautiful “Caves in the Middle of London”optical illusion then simply clicks on the “Real Life Illusion category”! We made the site quite user friendly, so that it won’t be adding up to the things that stress you every day. We want you to have fun and enjoy yourself while on this site!

Here are all illusions chronologically, from newest to oldest

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