A great anamorphic drawing optical illusion

Don’t you just love anamorphic visual optical illusions? Well, in case you do, you’re going to have a great start this week because today we have yet another anamorphic drawing for you. We didn’t have these in a while, so, let’s take a look at what we have in store for today!

What to see?

There’s nothing more to see at first glance, but this happens with all anamorphic illusions, doesn’t it? We like to believe that this visual optical illusion depicts a drunken sailor who fell asleep while dreaming of some long forgotten buried treasure. What you make of it, however, it’s up to you.

Well, taking a closer look at the drawing, it’s easy to see that we’re talking about a man who fell asleep with a cup in his hand, and who’s resting on a round table filled with books, glasses, writing devices, some grapes and some drawing devices – or something like that.

However, as with all anamorphic visual optical illusions, the hidden motif isn’t visible just by looking at the original drawing. In order to grasp what is hidden, one would need to use a reflective surface or a reflective cylinder in this case – and it needs to be put right in the…right spot.

How it works?

Let’s see, anamorphic illusions are quite easy to create today. Even a child knowing how to use a good graphic editing program like Photoshop could do them. Radial anybody? But, back in the day, these were truly works of masters, as it would take a great degree of skill and ingenuity to create such visual optical illusions. Actually, these illusions were quite popular in the old days, as they were great ways to include hidden or forbidden motifs in art that wouldn’t otherwise be accepted. Pretty cool these types of visual optical illusions, right?

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