3 colors visual optical illusion

Color Visual Illusion

You always have to love a mind twister, and this visual optical illusion is perhaps one of the best that you have yet to see, even if its simplicity makes it looks really very mundane.

Now, take a close look at the picture, and start counting the colors you see.

Did you do it?

Okay. Write your answer down.

Here’s how many colors you should have counted: 3! Impossible?  No, not at all!

What to see ?

Well, as you look at the image, you have the impression that all there are four colors. Well, there are actually only 3 colors, and  if you think that this is not true, then look again. However, this time, put your fingers on the screen and black out the center of the cyan and green color. You should notice that they’re actually the same shade – meaning the vertical lines.  That’s a really cool visual optical illusion.

In case you missed it, then, simply zoom in on the image or edit it in a image editing program, and you’re going to clearly see how the both vertical stripes are the same color, meaning green.

So, the 3 colors in the image are: violet, green and orange.

How it works

It’s actually quite a simple, but nevertheless effective perception trick. Our brain, tends to process images (and this includes the colors) based on the colors around. To make a simple analogy, look at a red rose in broad daylight – you’ll see its petals are red. Look at it during the night, and you’ll see its petals as blue-ish or even black.  Don’t you just love this type of visual optical illusions?

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