“Enigma” visual optical illusion

Feast your eyes on the Enigma visual optical illusion. Let’s dwell a bit into the history….As you know, there are some optical illusions that aren’t new at all, and this illusion by Isia Leviant, was first presented in Palais de la Découverte in Paris in 1981. And the best thing, is that, even after three decades, this optical illusion is something that still thrills most people, due to its simplicity and apparent ineffectiveness.

What to see?

If you haven’t by now, start by staring at the center of the figure for a bit. You’ll soon going to see that there’s some “scintillating” effect that’s soon starting in the blue and violet circles in the picture. There are even some who say that they see a circular motion in the three circles. One thing is clear: after a while, things being to run around in circles as all who have looked at this illusion said.

How it works?

Enigma is a good name for this visual optical illusion. And this happens only because until now, meaning for over thirty years, there was nobody who could explain how and why this illusion works. And if things progress like they did until now, one thing is for sure, that they won’t be able to explain exactly what the trick behind this illusion is.

However, we all know that when it comes to lines, our eyes are easily deceived. More than this, however, we can’t say, because, that’s beyond human comprehension at this time. It’s for sure that psychologists will have to study the human brain more until they’re going to understand how Enigma works.

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