Classic Elephant Legs Visual Optical Illusion

How about some old school visual optical illusions?  In case you were really anxious to see some of the old stuff, then, well, today’s the day for you. We’re not really talking about a 1920s or 1890s or earlier optical illusions, but the visual optical illusion that we’re presenting today is perhaps one of the best known illusions of all times!

What to see?

In case you’re familiar Elephant optical illusion it’s quite easy: look at the “nasty” drawing in front of your eyes, and you’re going to see a nicely black and white drawn elephant. However, when you’re looking at the elephant’s legs, you’re going to soon see that your eyes can’t seem to properly distinguish the number of legs that this animal has. So, how many can you count? Some say 6, some say 7, some say 8, and some say 4.  Are you dizzy by now? Well, don’t worry, we’re going to solve this mystery in a Sherlock Holmes, our dear Watson!

How it works?

This visual optical illusion is quite simple when it comes to it. You’re seeing more legs than you should, because, the legs that would need to appear have been erased, and moved over to the sides, which makes our head go dizzy when trying to figure out how many legs and which legs are real, and their number, and so on and so forth.

Now, how does that sound as an explanation, my dear Watson?  As previously said, we made it our “quest” to provide you with simple explanations, because, well, it’s a whole lot easier for us, and, let’s face it: how many of you really want complicated scientific explanations and how many of you simply want to enjoy a good visual optical illusion?

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